From Rockaway

Das gesamte Buch spielt in Far Rockaway, N.Y.,_Queens Über das Buch: The book is a coming-of-age tale about four teenagers from Rockaway Beach in Queens. The protagonist, Alex, escapes the working-class milieux with a scholarship to fictional Camden College (a stand-in for Bennington) while her three friends work menial jobs and live in the now, spending summers lifeguarding and winters doing odd jobs. Eventually the foursome reunites at a beachside party and comes to terms with their diverging lives. From Rockaway was translated into six languages and optioned by film director Sydney Pollack.


»Landschaft wird erst schön, wenn
Dichter sie beschreiben.«

Marcel Reich-Ranicki


New York
Titel: From Rockaway
Kategorie: Roman / Erzählung von 1987
LeserIn: Diel, Martina
Eingabe: 11.04.2009

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